LOST Coton de Tulear- Colorado 81632

Lost- Coton de Tulear


Tanner, a white rare breed Coton de Tulear was lost near a rest area in Edwards, Colorado in Eagle County.  Tanner is a 12 pound intact male dog.  He is wearing a harness and is microchipped.

He escaped from the car near a rest area just North of Interstate 70.  Owner and friends are searching the area now.  There was one sighting of Tanner but he became frightened and ran.

If you see a small white dog in Edwards, Colorado please call Kris Forke at:   970-343-0761


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  • Tess:


    Grand County Pet Pals (shelter) has a dog found in March in Kremmling that I thought looked like a Coton. Look up that Facebook page for GC Pet Pals and scroll down to photos of “Rufus” as they named the stray they found. The nose on the stray looks too light to be a Coton, but after being out in the wild for days, who knows? It’s about 40 miles from Edwards to Kremmling, so could be possible.

    I hope you find Tanner. I wouldn’t know what I’d do if I lost my sweet Coton, love of my life.

  • TANNER FOUND…Wednesday, April 3, 2013. Tanner was found and rescued by a hiker.He was too weak to stand, and was carried down the mountain and rushed to the Foxhollow Vet Clinic in Edwards,Co. His owner was reunited with Tanner,and he is now recuperating at home.

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