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Robert Jay Russell, Ph.D.,
Madagascar Coton de Tulear Club of America President,

September 30th, 2012. For those of you unfamiliar with the story, a small show fancy dog club (called the “USACTC”) has taken their population of Eurocotons into the AKC, opening up the flood gates for thousands of dogs labeled “Coton de Tulear” to be housed in barns and bred under horrendous conditions. The puppies of these dogs are sold in pet shops nationwide and on the internet as “AKC Registered Cotons de Tulear.” The parents of these Cotons are housed in wire-bottomed crates until they no longer produce puppies or until the puppy mill owner has no further need of them. Then they are shot and buried on the farm or sold at auction to other puppy millers. Those dogs who are not sold at auction will almost certainly be killed. Here is just one posting by Jane Arrington about an auction of AKC Cotons coming up in a few days…

I am reposting the information about the AKC-registered Cotons that will be sold at auction on October 6 and leaving off the kennel name. These dogs are from a known kennel that produces Cotons, Havanese, and Papillons. The contact information, if anyone is interested in helping these dogs, is below. As these are AKC dogs, you need to contact Ruth Weidrick of the USACTC and ask if she plans to rescue any or all of these dogs. It should be noted that the kennel is not going out of business, they are just consigning their unwanted animals to an auction and the poor babies will be purchased by other “high volume breeders” if they are are not rescued. The dilemma becomes one of whether you wish to help these animals while enabling the kennel owner or do you just turn your back on the animals in hopes that the kennel owner will reduce the number of Cotons she is producing. Chances are, if these dogs are not purchased at auction, they will be shot, drowned or endure some other horrible fate. This is reality from the rescue side of the coin. :-(

“October 6 puppy mill auction by Southwest Kennel Auction…. 14 Coton de Tulear dogs will be auctioned in Oklahoma (7 males and 7 females – ages unknown as they have not posted the catalog yet).

I am not sure if Ruth Weidrick will be sending any representatives to this auction to rescue these dogs but if you have an interest, please contact Ruth – President of USACTC – as she is also listed as the rescue representative for AKC-registered Coton de Tulear.”

Dr. Russell continues:
We abhor the organization that the AKC has become. Please do not support the sale of puppy mill produced puppies.
copyright 2012 Dr. R. J. Russell & the CTCA