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LOST Coton de Tulear- Spokane Valley, WA. UPDATE 1/11/2014 FOUND!!!!

Lost Coton de Tulear in Spoke Valley, Washington

Lost Coton de Tulear in Spokane Valley, Washington


Cherie, female, lost in Spokane Valley, WA., Lost afternoon of 1/10/2014.
She and her Coton brother escaped from their fenced back yard, but male was found.
Female still missing.  No microchip.
Please call (509) 389-8279 with any information or sightings.
The Coton is owned by Christine Gallegos.
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American Coton Club
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LOST Coton de Tulear- now FOUND!!!!

Lost Rare Breed Coton de Tulear in Gatineau, just across the river from Ottawa Canada

Hope was lost on October 18th in Outaouais Masson Angers Canada at 128
Rue des Aulnes in the back courtyard of my daughter’s house.
Hope’s owner, Sylvie Bernard, alerted the police but they are unable to help as they do
not handle lost dog complaints.

The dogs owner, Sylvie Bernard, has placed ads in newspapers in the Ottawa area including Le
Bulletin and the Journal de Montreal. She has placed 600 fliers about
her missing Coton de Tulear, Hope, in postboxes in her area, alerted all the vets and pet grooming
salons in her area and she is also offering a reward.

Please help find Hope and bring her home.

Hope is a 2 year old white female Coton de Tulear lost in Gatineau, Canada which is just across the river from Ottawa.
She had puppies on June 1, 2011 and her hair was cut short before she gave birth.
Her microchip number is: 956000001752569.

Hope disappeared in Outaouais in the district of Masson-Angers (now annexed to Gatineau City) on October 18th at 8:30 at
128 Des Aulnes (at my daughter as I was babysitting my grand childrens). They were in the fenced backyard. It all happened in
Five minutes. Hope was outside with Bonnie her daughter. When I saw Bonnie coming in alone which is not usual because she
Followed her mommy everywhere, I went outside to find her. But she was not there. I looked and knocked at doors, looked in
Many backyards, plus signs everywhere and ads, distributed 600 brochure about Hope to the post office, went to all the vets,
Grooming salons, pet stores – still nothing.

I truly want to thank you for all your cooperation. I dream of my Hope…she completely fills all my thoughts at every moment
Of my daily life.

Sylvie Bernard.

In French:


Hope a disparu en Outaouais dans la district de Masson-Angers (maintenant annexée à la ville de Gatineau) le 18 octobre 2011 à 8h30 au 128 rue Des Aulnes (chez ma fille, je gardais mes petits-fils) dans la cour arrière qui était clôturée. Le tout s’est passé dans 5 minutes, elle était à l’éxtérieur avec Bonnie (sa fille) quand j’ai vue Bonnie revenir seule ce qui n’est pas son habitude, elle suivait sa maman partout, tout le temps, j’ai sorti à l’extérieur et tenté de la retrouver en vain. Je l’ai cherché en cognant aux portes, visiter les cours arrières, me promener avec ses 2 filles, placé des avis de recherches partout, distribution de 600 avis de recherche par le bureau de poste du village, visiter les vétérinaires, salon de toilettage, animalerie, placé des affiches aux dépanneurs, toujours introuvable.

Je vous remercie de votre coopération, je rêve de ma Hope et elle envahit complètement mes pensées quotidiennes.

Sylvie Bernard

Contact Information –

Sylvie Bernard
116, Rue Gareau,
Maniwaki, Qc
J9E 1A7

Phone number: 819-444-8589
Cell Phone number : 1-819-334-4370


Sylvie is a member of the American Coton Club (ACC) and the ACC will be posting details and contact information on all of the ACC social media sites in an effort to help Hope get back home.
Please let us know if you have any information which might help Hope get back home.

American Coton Club
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UPDATE: Lost Coton de Tulear FOUND!!

FOUND Coton de Tulear in Colorado

UPDATE:  Sierra, the lost Coton de Tulear dog in Snowmass, Colorado has been reunited with her owner Kris Forke.

Sierra is back safe and sound! She is full of stick tights/cockle burrs and her back nails have been worn down to the quick. She was found quite a ways away from home running down a county road, running in the tire tracks during the snow storm. A rancher recognized she didn’t belong out there and took her to the Aspen shelter. Thank God!

Miracles do happen! I want to thank each and every one of you who prayed and sent me a message. I will respond to each of you when I can.

Prayers and thoughts do work and I appreciate each and every one of them. Many people were very helpful by spreading the word, and I’m humbled by your efforts. I know the Coton community can be very divided at times but when a Coton’s life is in danger I know we all rally for the cause. And I love you all for that!

Now I have a grooming job to do on Sierra and hope I don’t need to shave her to the skin.

Thank you so much,


Old Snowmass Cotons

This is wonderful news and we are all so happy for Kris and Sierra!!!

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