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  • Susan:

    Dear ACC,
    I am the annoying person that was writing you months back. My Coton story is amazing and hope some of you enjoy what I experienced. I will do my best NOT to ramble.
    We purchased a terrier puppy from an AKC breeder five years back. We are still having immunity and health problems with this dog to date.
    When I found your club and this adorable breed, that was all I could think about. I wanted a Coton so much, for all the reasons, those of you reading this are already aware of!
    The only dilemma was that I had promised myself that I would only purchase one puppy ( which was the AKC years back that has been sick his entire life) So, I proceeded to look for a available Coton rescue dog throughout the entire US. Although there were some intercepted from a puppy mill in the mid west, they had rules that denied out of state adoption families. Then there was a female, named Jenny at a foster home in Ca. The foster family really did not even treat me as the serious dog mom I am, but made me feel i was not good enough to be considered. i was devistated! I believe I sent you the information on Jenny, because the fosters did not correctly post her as a Coton, but rather as a Havanese.
    Then I believe I decided to bug you again begging for an older Coton and looked at your ethic breeders of Coton’s for rescues. Haha. Not a huge inventory of unwanted Coton’s! These are to most amazing dogs….ever! Ok….back to the story…So….I basically decided that it must not be meant for us to have a Coton. I moped down to the nearest kill shelter and began the task of seeing the sad reality of irresponsible and unethical owners and breeders. So many sad and frightened dogs. It was then I saw this beautiful little one year old ball of cotton in the corner. I called him over to me. The other dog in this cage was acted mean to him, but he slowly came to the front and gave me three delicate kisses on my hand. Yes, he is a Coton. He is my Coton! Basically, I will never get any other breed and yes, I will buy a Coton if our family is ever looking for a new family member. There is no way to describe the happiness our Mozart has brought our family. One thing I do want you to know in closing, is on the week we adopted him, I did look extensively on the net to see if anyone was looking for him. Throughout the US. He was not microchipped. The only male missing I could find was microchipped. So, ACC! I got my Coton! The amazing part is he was less than three miles away at the shelter.
    I love this breed. I am so hooked. He is so silly, sweet, smart and fun. He has made our family so happy. I am positive he was a true gift from God for us.
    We have nothing but respect for you standing up to the AKC. I was so disappointed to see them advertising puppies for sale on there web page when the kill shelters are packed with the breeds.
    Sincerely Owned :)
    Mozarts Mom

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