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Coton de Tulear Memorial Day




Coton de Tulear Breeders Do Not Cotton to the American Kennel Club

New article in the Blog for the Mayor’s Alliance of NYC Animals

by Thea Feldman

Coton de Tulear Breeders Do Not Cotton to the American Kennel Club





Say No to USACTC & AKC

USACTC & AKC not good for the rare breed Coton de Tulear.


From ACTAdvocates for the Coton de Tulear:

Supporters- Not only do Coton owners and breeders fight against recognition by the American Kennel Club, but we also fight the battle against the Coton club that is seeking AKC recognition. The club that is taking the breed against the wishes of the majority of Coton owners is the USACTC.  How can anyone put showing above the health and welfare of a breed?
Get familiar with the names that are responsible.

These are the people that support the actions of USACTC.  Here is a link to their board members

You may notice that some of the names in charge may not be listed in their own Breeders list.  Why?

Send them an e-mail and let them know that you support the Coton de Tulear as a rare breed and that the breed is not ready for AKC.  Say “No to AKC”!

Please also contact AKC and let them know your thoughts about AKC recognition for this precious rare breed.



AKC link to puppy mills

The Humane Society has a message for dog lovers…..

In advance of the televised AKC National dog show this weekend, please help us make dog lovers aware of the AKC’s links to puppy mills.





Robert Jay Russell, Ph.D.,
Madagascar Coton de Tulear Club of America President,

September 30th, 2012. For those of you unfamiliar with the story, a small show fancy dog club (called the “USACTC”) has taken their population of Eurocotons into the AKC, opening up the flood gates for thousands of dogs labeled “Coton de Tulear” to be housed in barns and bred under horrendous conditions. The puppies of these dogs are sold in pet shops nationwide and on the internet as “AKC Registered Cotons de Tulear.” The parents of these Cotons are housed in wire-bottomed crates until they no longer produce puppies or until the puppy mill owner has no further need of them. Then they are shot and buried on the farm or sold at auction to other puppy millers. Those dogs who are not sold at auction will almost certainly be killed. Here is just one posting by Jane Arrington about an auction of AKC Cotons coming up in a few days…

I am reposting the information about the AKC-registered Cotons that will be sold at auction on October 6 and leaving off the kennel name. These dogs are from a known kennel that produces Cotons, Havanese, and Papillons. The contact information, if anyone is interested in helping these dogs, is below. As these are AKC dogs, you need to contact Ruth Weidrick of the USACTC and ask if she plans to rescue any or all of these dogs. It should be noted that the kennel is not going out of business, they are just consigning their unwanted animals to an auction and the poor babies will be purchased by other “high volume breeders” if they are are not rescued. The dilemma becomes one of whether you wish to help these animals while enabling the kennel owner or do you just turn your back on the animals in hopes that the kennel owner will reduce the number of Cotons she is producing. Chances are, if these dogs are not purchased at auction, they will be shot, drowned or endure some other horrible fate. This is reality from the rescue side of the coin. :-(

“October 6 puppy mill auction by Southwest Kennel Auction…. 14 Coton de Tulear dogs will be auctioned in Oklahoma (7 males and 7 females – ages unknown as they have not posted the catalog yet).

I am not sure if Ruth Weidrick will be sending any representatives to this auction to rescue these dogs but if you have an interest, please contact Ruth – President of USACTC – as she is also listed as the rescue representative for AKC-registered Coton de Tulear.”

Dr. Russell continues:
We abhor the organization that the AKC has become. Please do not support the sale of puppy mill produced puppies.
copyright 2012 Dr. R. J. Russell & the CTCA


Coton de Tulear Grooming Book

Coton Grooming Book


Coton Grooming book

Coton Grooming book cover

The American Coton Club is proud to announce that the Coton Grooming book is now available in North America. The American Coton Club has an exclusive distribution agreement with the publisher and can now make this wonderful Coton grooming book easily available to all who would like to order it in the United States and Canada.


The book for ALL owners of Coton De Tulear.
Family pet or show dog? This book is indispensable.


Get detailed information on grooming and caring for
your Coton De Tulear from a world leading expert:

  • Which brushes, combs, shampoos, etc. to use
  • How to wash and blow-dry your Coton De Tulear
  • How to groom your Coton De Tulear – Step by step
  • How to manage tangles and a discolored coat
  • and much more!!


Get those secrets from grooming expert Brigitte Jespersen herself.
She is twice World Champion with Bahiya in 2009 and 2011.


Now you can learn to groom your Coton De Tulear like an expert.
Not only will its coat look so much better, it will also
take a lot longer before it gets tangled again.


To purchase the new Coton Grooming book written by Brigitte Jespersen and Helle Sydendal visit the ACC web site or click the Buy now button.


Price: $43.00 Plus shipping




American Coton Club
Home of the Rare Breed Coton de Tulear

Coton de Tulear Neonatal Ataxia Health Testing Fund

Bandera’s Neonatal Ataxia Health Testing Fund for Breeding Cotons

June 12, 2012


In June 2011 the American Coton Club created a Health Testing Fund for ACC Code of Ethics Breeders. One year later we are proud to announce that the Health Testing Fund for Bandera’s Neonatal Ataxia (BNAt) DNA testing of the Coton de Tulear has been extended to all Coton de Tulear breeders!


Due to the overwhelming generosity of the Coton community’s purchases of the 2012 Coton de Tulear Calendar the American Coton Club (ACC) has established the ACC Neonatal Ataxia Health Testing Fund that is now available to all Coton de Tulear Breeders.


Health and Education are a primary goal of the American Coton Club and this is one way that we can help the Coton Community in eradicating this preventable disease from the Coton de Tulear gene pool.


We would like to publicly thank all of those that ordered the 2012 Coton de Tulear Calendar as you have made it possible for ACC to establish this fund. We hope to continue to help the Coton Community.


Health Fund Details:

The American Coton Club will donate funds for DNA testing of Bandera’s Neonatal Ataxia (BNAt) for Coton de Tulear Breeders in hopes of helping to eliminate this disease from the Coton gene pool.


This fund is open to all Coton de Tulear Breeders to use for their breeding Cotons. The ACC will gift $20.00 per Coton de Tulear to Coton de Tulear Breeders who DNA test for Bandera’s Neonatal Ataxia, up to a maximum of 2 Cotons tested per breeder.


The ACC Bandera’s Neonatal Ataxia Health Testing Fund will be for Cotons tested from June 1, 2012 until the health fund is depleted. To reserve your gift please e-mail the ACC Health Committee before sending in your DNA samples. Proof of the completed test must also be forwarded to the ACC Health Committee before you may receive your gift. Proof of your test can be your certificate or a receipt from the lab. All test results will remain confidential. If your Coton was tested prior to this notice but after June 1, 2012 you may send in your proof of test to receive your gift.


We hope that the ACC Bandera’s Neonatal Ataxia Health Testing Fund will help defray the cost of the DNA test and will encourage breeders to test their breeding Cotons. Testing your breeding Cotons will ensure no carriers are bred to one another. Testing allows breeders to make informed breeding decisions so that we can eliminate this disease from the Coton de Tulear gene pool and never have to hear of a tragic Bandera’s litter being born again.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact the ACC Health Committee or for more information about the disease and links to the research and testing facilities please visit our Coton de Tulear DNA test web page.


ACC would like to thank everyone for their generosity as well as a special thank you to all who submitted photos for the 2012 Coton de Tulear calendar. You all helped make this health testing fund possible! ACC has started working on the 2013 Coton de Tulear Calendar and encourages everyone to send in their Coton photos for the project. Please send photos to


Disclaimer: The Bandera’s Neonatal Ataxia DNA test may not be accurate for Cotons with unverifiable heritage. This test is specifically for purebred Cotons de Tulear.




Hailey Parker on behalf of the ACC Board of Directors

American Coton Club


American Coton Club – Coton de Tulear Introduction

American Coton Club – Coton de Tulear Introduction

Coton de Tulear photo

Coton de Tulear dogs from Code of Ethics Breeder Dennis Presley

Has the Rare Breed Coton De Tulear caught your fancy?  Has the tale of their ancient pirate and shipwreck beginnings completely intrigued you?  Do you think they are the cutest thing you ever laid your eyes on?  This delightful “Royal Dog of Madagascar” and companion to the Malagasy Kings & Nobles has absolutely taken over our hearts forever.


The Coton de Tulear, or “Coton” for short, is a wonderful companion. They make an excellent choice for families with children and are the perfect addition to the family. They are quickly devoted and affectionate making an excellent loving companion. The Coton de Tulear can be quite intuitive and is often used in therapy programs helping those with special needs. They are sturdy and fast making them great in agility which is fun for the Coton and its owner.


Cotons were bred and developed for the sole purpose of being a loyal loving companion dog.  They are well suited for this purpose because of their happy personalities, adaptable character, loving attitude, intelligence, entertaining mannerisms and overall cuteness. Cotons tend to adapt to their family’s lifestyle which make them a wonderful pet for a broad spectrum of people.  They are happy couch potatoes or thrilled to take a long hike in the mountains with you. Just let them know and they’ll happily follow.

Cotons have been referred to as the “anti-depressant” breed because of their general happiness and abilities to cheer the down and out with their smile, funny play or general empathetic personality. The Coton is a happy dog which doesn’t get too upset with anything that comes their way. Cotons are a relatively healthy breed and look forward to living a life of 15+ years.

Cotons are very smart and aim to please their owners. When given praise and a yummy treat they catch on quickly to training and new commands. They are always up for a new challenge. They do very well in the show ring with their lovely long white coat flowing as they walk around the ring and Cotons love the attention from people and judges.


Cotons derived their name from their beautiful long cotton coats and from their original Bay of  Tulear location on the island of Madagascar. The beautiful Coton coat actually has a purpose by being an excellent insulation from heat and cold. The cotton coat is airy and fluffy allowing for air to circulate creating a cooling effect. A Coton in full coat requires daily care but it’s also possible to keep them in a shorter “puppy cut” for easier maintenance.


The Coton coat color is predominantly white as the FCI standard states but Cotons do have color in their genetic heritage.  They also possess a strong color dilution gene which means the coat color fades to white or champagne as a Coton matures. Coton markings can be black, fawn, champagne or a tri-color combination. It’s not uncommon to see a white adult Coton which was very dark in color as a small puppy.


The Coton de Tulear coat does not shed, thus they are regarded as being “hypo-allergenic” making them an excellent choice for those who may suffer from dog allergies.


Once you are loved by a Coton, there is no turning back from this charming creature which brings great joy and happiness to your life and will warm your heart for many years to come.


Have fun visiting the ACC web site and getting to know the Rare Breed Coton de Tulear. If you have any questions please feel free to contactACC or one of our ACC Code of Ethics breeders.


Coton de Tulear in field of cotton


American Coton Club

Home  of the Rare Breed Coton de Tulear