Photo Contest for Members of the American Coton Club

There are two categories:

  1. "Funniest Photo"
  2. "I didn't do it and you can't prove it!"

Members are allowed to submit a maximum of 2 photos. Please do not submit photos with any embedded text or writing. All photos will be presented to the members without names or owner information and the members will all vote on the winners.  Board members and family are not eligible to participate.


All photos must be submitted by September 19, 2010 and the ACC Members will vote on September 20-21, 2010. The winners will be announced on September 22, 2010.


There will be a 1st and 2nd prize awarded. The owner of the photo getting the most number of votes will receive a cash prize of $50.00 and two skeins of alpaca yarn. The owner of the photo getting the most votes after first place will receive a $25.00 cash prize.


Please submit all photos to Make sure to include the owner name with the photo and the category you wish to enter the photo in.  Please do not submit photos with borders or special effects.

~~ The Photo Contest Winners ~~


1st Place Winner: Laura Esau Photo # 22


2nd Place winner: Marilyn Postelle-Kolenski Photo # 5how did I get up here



Thanks to all who took the time to enter their wonderful photographs. It's truly been fun!!


"I Didn't Do It and You Can't Prove It"


Who me?                          I'm not licking dishes-I'm using the reflection to check my hair.

Photo #1 - Kristi Houston                                                                    Photo #2 - Angie Sauer



Did you SEE me do it?                         I know how this looks, BUT....

Photo #3 - Dennis Presley                                                              Photo #4 - Cindy Robinson



how did I get up here                        It wasn't ME!

Photo #5 - Marilyn Postelle-Kolenski                                               Photo #6 - Terri Tyler



sweet girl and Coton puppy                        Not moi

Photo #7 - Anne Vischer                                                                  Photo #8 - Susan Hallums



ta-da                       bad baby

Photo #9 - Diane Naito                                                                          Photo #10 - Diane Naito



hiding Coton puppy                       peek-a-boo

Photo #11 - Terry Coy                                                                     Photo #12 - Terry Coy



tydiebowl dog                       busted

Photo #13 - Renee Miller                                                          Photo #14 - Lisa Setiawan



But they taste GOOD!                          Coton head tilt

Photo #15 - Laura Esau                                         Photo #16 - Marilyn Postelle-Kolenski



chewed table                          a mess

Photo #17 - Cynthia Barber                                                           Photo #18 - Ruth Ma



santa coton puppy

     Photo #19 - Bob and Denise Farrell



"Funniest Photo"


baby back ride                      A perfect fit

Photo #20- Terri Tyler                                                        Photo #21 - Karen Carpenter



Roar                       Aren't I cute

Photo #22- Laura Esau                                                               Photo #23 - Kristi Houston



eighting in on the ACC photo contest                       home alone

Photo #24 - Ilona Clemons                                                       Photo #25 - Lisa Setiawan



Can you blame me for wanting to get comfortable?                       night-night

Photo #26- Angie Sauer                                                           Photo #27 - Debra Parizek



Uh-oh                       yum-yum

Photo #28- Susan Hallums                                                      Photo #29 Vicky Loving



Coton in sunglasses                       Coton in briefcase

Photo #30- Renee Miller                                                           Photo #31 - Gail Lash



kissing Cotons                       shake bath

Photo #32- Sara France Saint-Pierre                           Photo #33 - Cynthia Barber



Then she said....                       huh

Photo #34 - Anne Vischer                                       Photo #35 - Denise Farrell



driving Coton

             Photo #36 - Ruth Ma



The ACC Photo Contest is intended for ACC Members but we've been pleasantly surprised by all of the Coton lovers who want to participate in the photo contest and join ACC.  For your convenience we've added a link to the ACC online Membership Application which can also be found on the Forms page.


To our new Members who have recently joined~ Welcome Aboard!
We're thrilled you've joined ACC.