ACC Application for Provisional / Show Registration


American Coton Club Provisional / Show Registration Requirements:

  • Coton is under one year of age or has not yet completed ACC Health Testing Requirements.
  • If your Coton was bred by an ACC COE Breeder you will need the Litter Registration Number. Your ACC Breeder will furnish you with the needed information. All litters of COE Breeders must be registered.
  • If your Coton was not bred by an ACC COE Breeder you must submit the pedigree of your Coton or pedigrees of the Sire and Dam. You may email those records to the ACC Registrar.
  • Registries accepted for ACC registration are FCI, USACTC, CFC (or UKC if pedigree can be verified).
  • After one year of age the Coton's Provisional/Show pedigree is eligible to be changed to a Breedable pedigree at no additional cost provided the Coton has met ACC Health Testing Program requirements.
  • Submit payment of $30.00 for a Provisional/Show pedigree.
Coton Registration Information

Owner Information

Co-Owner Information (if applicable)

Breeder of Coton

Sire and Dam of Coton

Digital Signature

By checking this box I attest that the information supplied on this form is correct and that the Coton was purchased directly from the breeder who is listed on this form.

I agree to have the Breeder of my Coton email authorization for the Provisional/Show Registration of this Coton. Authorization email will be sent to


The ACC reserves the right to deny registration if information is inaccurate and/or cannot be verified. ACC is a Rare Breed club and intends to remain so. In the event the Coton de Tulear breed becomes recognized by the American Kennel Club, ACC will never share your pedigree information with AKC without your express written permission. The application will not be considered unless there is a breeder’s signature, email or verification of breedability.

The fee for this application is $30. After submitting this application you will be directed to Paypal to make a secure payment.