Please sign the petition to help protect the rare breed Coton de Tulear!!!


Cotons de Tulear Say NO to AKC

The American Coton Club, the Coton de Tulear Club of America and all Coton lovers concerned about the welfare of the rare breed Coton de Tulear ask that you take a moment to sign this petition which will be presented to AKC in the hope of saving the precious Coton de Tulear dog breed from almost certain ruin.


The Coton de Tulear is a rare breed with amazing qualities and a healthy gene pool not yet spoiled by poor breeding practices and over breeding. Thousands of companion owners cherish this breed and want it to remain a rare breed and not in the hands of AKC.

Help save the Rare Breed Coton de Tulear!!!

Please join the American Coton Club, the Coton de Tulear Club of America, Coton breeders, exhibitors, companion owners and the Coton community at large, who all wish to protect the Rare Breed Coton de Tulear.


Help preserve the health, well-being, and genetic integrity of this wonderful breed. Please take action and sign this petition.


Tell the AKC that the Coton de Tulear is healthy and safe as a Rare Breed.


The future of this wonderful breed is in your hands.


Let your voice be heard.   Say No To AKC!!


The results of this petition will be forwarded to AKC.



Please also consider calling, sending an e-mail or writing a letter to the AKC to express your objection to AKC recognition of the Coton de Tulear.

Please Contact:

Mari Beth O'Neil and Christine Weisse

AKC Customer Care

8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100

Raleigh, NC 27617-3390

Phone AKC 919-233-9767


There are 4 National Coton de Tulear breed clubs. Only two (2) of those clubs require mandatory health testing of breeding Cotons. Ethical Breeders and impassioned companion owners are dedicated to preserving the health, well-being, and genetic integrity of the Coton de Tulear and want to see this breed remain healthy.


Last year one of the clubs (USACTC) announced its intention to pursue AKC recognition of the rare breed Coton de Tulear. That club received less than 100 votes from members of their club to move forward with AKC recognition. Over 700 Coton owners signed a petition against AKC recognition. In fact, the majority of the Coton community responded extremely negatively to the prospect of full AKC recognition for the Coton de Tulear breed. There has been worldwide support to save the Coton de Tulear from AKC, puppy mills, and puppy brokers. Despite this support, AKC continues to pursue the Coton de Tulear dog breed. Now a new club (formerly defunct) has stated their intention to take the Coton to AKC.


The AKC (American Kennel Club) is simply a for profit dog registry. AKC does not require health testing nor does the AKC verify the validity of registrations that are submitted to their registry service. As of October 14, 2010 there were 1590 Coton de Tulear registered in the AKC Foundation Stock Service (FSS). 1383 of the 1590 have three (3) generation pedigrees.
AKC has a long history of allowing puppy mills, high volume breeders, commercial breeders, and pet shop breeders to register their "Cotons" through the AKC-FSS program, which began accepting Cotons in 1996. The Coton de Tulear has many more than three generations and has ancestry with traceable lineage back to its roots in Madagascar. AKC registration numbers seem to indicate that the majority of the AKC-FSS pedigrees issued to "Coton de Tulear" have only 3 generation pedigrees.

Why is that important?   On the date that AKC recognizes the Coton de Tulear each of those 1383 3-generation pedigrees of likely questionable origin will be accepted into the Coton de Tulear Stud Book.  All of those "Cotons" will get the AKC seal of approval and will dilute and weaken an otherwise healthy gene pool. It matters not if they came from a puppy mill, pet shop, puppy mill auction or puppy broker.   They will not be required to have DNA testing to verify parentage, nor must they conform to the breed standard or be health tested.


This is simply unacceptable to those of us who love this charming rare breed and wish it to remain healthy and protect the gene pool of the rare breed Coton de Tulear from Madagascar.


Petition sponsored by the American Coton Club and the Coton de Tulear Club of America.