Blue Ribbon Litter Program

In addition to mandatory health testing requirements, the ACC wishes to recognize puppies that come from parents at least twenty-four (24) months of age and who have had more than the minimum testing required.  These special litters will be given the designation of ACC Blue Ribbon Litter.

Those wishing to have Blue Ribbon Litters registered with the ACC must be ACC COE approved breeders.  The sire and dam must be ACC registered and approved for breedable pedigrees before the mating occurs.  A Litter Registration must be submitted prior to applying for a Blue Ribbon Litter.


An ACC Blue Ribbon will be given to litters resulting from parents who have met the highest standard of health testing available to us and whose breeders have gone above what is required and invested in testing that is considered optional.

To receive the designation of a "Blue Ribbon Litter", the breeder will perform a minimum of FIVE (5) health tests performed on both parents. These tests will include:

The mandatory three tests as outlined in Section II of the Health Program, as well as two additional tests chosen from the following list:


¤ OFA Certified elbows 
¤ OFA or PennHip certified Hips
¤ OFA Cardiac
¤ OFA Patella
¤ OFA Thyroid
¤ CMR2 DNA test performed by Opti-Gen
¤ von Willebrands DNA test performed by VetGen
¤ Neonatal Ataxia DNA test performed by the University of Missouri


Blue Ribbon Litters will have a special designation on the ACC breeder/puppy availability web page as well as permitting the breeder to use the blue ribbon on their web site for that particular litter. 

The ACC wishes to continue our important emphasis on health with the changing times as Coton numbers continue to increase. By performing tests the medical community has developed we can assure up to date information as to the health of a Coton.  We wish to keep Cotons a "healthy breed” and the best way to accomplish this is to breed only clinically clear offspring.  As medical issues occur, the ACC will keep statistics on those diseases and change testing protocols as needed.

You may access the online Blue Ribbon Litter Application here.

If you have questions please feel free to send us an email to ACC Health Committee, or telephone the ACC at 916-216-1043.


Current Blue Ribbon Litters:

 x Snowy River's Daisy

 2 Female Puppies born 2/2017