ACC Code of Ethics Breeder Application

Personal Information


By checking this box I agree that I have read, and understood this application, and I agree to abide by the standards set forth therein for ACC COE breeders. Checking this box indicates that I understand that ACC may not be a good fit for everyone and that I will abide by the decision of the Board regarding my application. If rejected, I will accept the Boards decisions, reasons and possible suggestions for future success in reapplying.

I further agree that I may be removed at any time for cause at the discretion of the Board and will accept the Boards decision.

Letters of Reference may be mailed or emailed to the Membership Committee. You may expect a follow up phone call from a Board Member to further explore your interest. Then the Board will meet to consider your application as expeditiously as possible. If accepted, a novice breeder may be assigned an experienced ACC breeder as a mentor if they do not have an approved ACC Mentor listed. Incomplete forms will not be considered.