Show Calendar 2011

Conformation shows are usually held on weekends with four or five shows spaced out between Saturday and Sunday, although one-day and three-day shows are not uncommon.


This show calendar is color coded to display the various organizations in which Cotons can compete in the show ring. ARBA (American Rare Breed Association), IABCA (International All Breed Canine Association), UKC (United Kennel Club) and ICKC (International Canine Kennel Club, formerly NAKC and Rarities). These organizations publish yearly schedules. The schedules are subject to frequent changes so please contact the individual organization websites to confirm what is posted here. Check back often for updates.


UKC (United Kennel Club) conformation shows are held by individual parent clubs for UKC, but Cotons are invited to be shown in all of their conformation events that include Companion Class. This show calendar includes only UKC conformation events. Please check the UKC site for performance competitions.


Watch the calendar for "Fun Days" where volunteers from U.S. Coton Clubs host a Coton Fun Day for pet owners. All Cotons de Tuléar, pet and show, are invited to participate in these social events. There are also several Coton Parties each year. Please check the Coton Party web page for 2011 events.


For those interested in performance events like Agility, Obedience and Rally-Obedience, there are many shows in a number of locations in the U.S. throughout the year. Cotons de Tuléar are permitted in these shows but may require additional registrations. All organizations accept American Coton Club registrations.


Red = ARBA   Blue = IABCA   Yellow = ICKC   Green = UKC



1 & 2 Belton TX
8 & 9 Santa Rosa CA
  Brookville FL
  Claremont CA
22 & 23 Placerville CA
  Hempstead TX, San Bernadino CA, Whitesboro NJ
  Ocala FL
29 & 30 Dayton OH
  Phoenix AZ, San Antonio FL


5 & 6 Brookville FL
  Claremont CA, Perry FL, Yorkville IL
11 - 13 New Kent VA
12 & 13 Phoenix AZ
  Phoenix AZ, Ixonia WI
19 & 20 Placerville CA
  Atlanta GA
  Claremont CA, Jeffereson TX
26 & 27 Ridgefield WA
  Claremont CA


5 & 6 Loveland CO
  Hutto TX
12 & 13 Terrell TX
  Tucson AZ

Phoenix AZ, Denton TX, Lakeland FL

Claremont, CA

11 - 13 Aurora CO, Kalamazoo MI, Tulsa OK
19 & 20 Richmond VA

Reading PA

Ocala FL

  Modesto CA
24 - 27 Peoria IL
26 & 27 Lihue HI
  Minneapolis MN, Milford OH


2 & 3 Turlock CA
  Bowie MD
9 & 10 Valparaiso IN, Long Beach MS, St. Helens OR
  Los Angelos CA
  Manalapan, NJ
15 - 17 Chesterfield VA
16 & 17 Eugene OR
  Whitmore Lake MI
22 -24 Jayess MS, Wapako OH, Athens TN, Denton TX
23 & 24 Phoenix AZ
  Minneapolis MN
  Pittsburg, PA
29 - 1 Lewisberry PA
30 & 1 Loomis CA, Westfield MA, Yorkville IL, Norman OK, Buffalo NY


7 & 8 Freehold NJ
  Orlando FL
14 & 15 Hutchinson MN
21 & 22 Terrell TX
  Claremont CA


4 & 5 Bowie MD
  Manalapan, NJ
11 & 12 Gray Summit NJ
25 & 26 Freehold NJ
TBA St. Helens OR, Tulsa OK, Kentucky


9 & 10 Bowie MD
23 & 24 Oregon City OR
TBA Enumclaw WA, Purina Farms MO, Hutto TX, Detroit MI


6 & 7 Freehold NJ
20 & 21 Bowie MD
TBA Los Angeles CA, Spokane WA


3 & 4 Freehold NJ
17 & 18 Oregon City OR
TBA Antioch CA, Oklahoma City OK, Eastern Canada


8 & 9 Bowie MD
22 & 23 Hartford CT
TBA Chesterfield VA, Orlando FL, Ridgefield WA


5 & 6 Placerville CA
19 & 20 Secaucus NJ
TBA Houston TX, Hutchinson MN, Purina Farms MO


3 & 4 Lancaster PA
TBA Tucson AZ





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