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American Coton Club General Membership

Join the ACC for $25 per year and enjoy the following benefits:


    • A purebred Coton de Tuléar Breed Registry.
    • Education and Information on our commitment to Say NO to AKC and remain a Rare Breed Club in order to preserve the health, well-being, and genetic integrity of the Coton de Tuléar breed and protect it from puppy mills.
    • A rigorous and enforced Code of Ethics applying to COE Breeders.
    • A Registry of Health Test Certified Cotons bred by Code of Ethics Breeders that lists certified health test results for individual Cotons in order to bring puppy buyers and reputable breeders together.
    • A Breeder Directory listed by location.
    • Information on FCI and other standards, the significance of color in Cotons, and the need for promoting healthy bloodlines to maintain a vigorous gene pool.
    • The Coton Community Health Survey founded and supported by the American Coton Club with results from people who elect to complete the survey.
    • Wonderful Photo Galleries of Coton de Tulear.
    • As an ACC Member you are invited to share photos and stories about your Coton de Tulear, as well as articles, information about health, nutrition, and other Coton related news.
    • An informative Coton de Tulear News blog to which members may contribute.
    • An ACC Facebook page and Facebook Group to share information and stories with the Coton community.
    • Coton Tales a Yahoo Groups Internet forum for sharing information and questions about your Coton.
    • Discounts on merchandise and a Coton Products web page to help you find everything you'll need for your Coton de Tulear.
    • The American Coton Club has been the Breed Club Sponsor for CERF, Canine Eye Registration Foundation and supports research and genetic testing for the Coton de Tulear.


ACC Code of Ethics Breeder Membership


The ACC offers the finest Coton de Tulear Code of Ethics Breeders Program in North America. New breeders are carefully screened for their breeding philosophies, ethical views, commitment to preserving the Coton de Tulear as a rare breed by not supporting the AKC, and goals for their breeding program.

All ACC Breeders must follow a Code of Ethics, health test all breeding stock according to the ACC Health Testing Program, offer a spay/neuter sales contract, seek only the best puppy placements, stay networked with other ACC Coton breeders, register all puppies produced with the ACC and offer an official ACC pedigree to all owners.


For more information on an ACC COE Breeder Membership please visit our COE Breeders Application